3 Important Reasons to Ditch Your Eye Drops


Every year, millions of Americans suffer from some form of dry eyes.  From mild dryness that leave eyes red, dry, and sticky to more severe cases that can lead to blindness, treating dry eyes with artificial tears may not be the best and healthiest solution.

Identifying the Level of Dry Eyes

When visiting an eye doctor, questioning is often the first phase in identifying dry eyes.  Patients who report redness, tearing, blurry vision, and the need for artificial tears frequently, more than likely have some type of dry eyes.

Next, an evaluation of the eye surface to determine the thickness of tear film layer, the overall health condition of the eyelids, and an examination of the meibomian glands that allow for the flow of tears should be conducted.  This allows the eye doctor to determine the severity of dry eyes.

In addition to a physical examination of the eyes, a complete medical history of current medications, past eye surgeries (such as LASIK), and any physical infirmities such as autoimmune disease should be gathered.

A three-pronged approach to evaluation allows the eye doctor to view the dry eye complaint with a complete picture of the whole patient, not just their eyes.  Considering a patient’s entire medical history allows for a better diagnosis and, in turn, a better treatment option.

Eye Drops

The Importance of the Lipid Layer

One common factor for everyone who suffers from dry eyes is the decrease in the lipid layer.  Simply put, the lipid layer is the protective layer of tears that covers the eye surface.  Without this layer, the eyes dry out and cannot perform as intended.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), a lipid layer less than 60 nm is an indicator of dry eye symptoms.  Conversely, a lipid layer that is greater than 75 nm helps to decrease dry eye symptoms and can lead to better vision, less uncomfortable symptoms, and an overall increased feeling of well-being.

Treatment Options for Dry Eyes

So, if the lipid layer is so vitally important in treating the symptoms of dry eyes, then the question becomes, “How do I increase and maintain a suitable lipid layer to decrease my dry eye symptoms?”

Continued use of artificial tears does NOT help to maintain or increase the lipid layer.  Even though there is a billion-dollar artificial tear industry with annual sales of over $540 million globally, not one of these companies has claimed to cure dry eyes.

3 Reasons Eye Drops Don’t Work

  1. Eye drops only mask the problem of dry eyes, they do not cure it.
  2. The protective lipid layer of the eye can actually be washed away by using eye drops too much.
  3. Preservative containing eye drops can actually damage the eye surface leading to decreased vision.

There is only one way to effectively treat dry eyes:  Allow the body to heal itself and increase the lipid layer of the eyes.

TheraLife Works with the Body to Restore Balance

TheraLife Eye addresses the fundamental cause of dry eyes:  underactive tear secretion.  By allowing the body to produce natural tears, TheraLife provides natural dry eye relief without the use of artificial tears.

Using an all-natural, proprietary formula, TheraLife has been clinically proven to bring relief to patients suffering from chronic dry eye symptoms.  In fact, over 80% of first time users report that TheraLife has provided relief for their dry eye symptoms.

TheraLife works by increasing intracellular metabolism, membrane permeability, and blood micro-circulation.  All of these processes work together to stimulate the tear glands in the eyes, which allow the eyes to secrete the healing tears that lessen and often eliminate the issues associated with dry eyes.

There are several ways to treat dry eyes with TheraLife.  For patients who suffer from an autoimmune condition such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Lupus, TheraLife has a solution:  TheraLife Eye Autoimmune.  Combine TheraLife Autoimmune with the starter kit, and find all of the proven, natural treatment options for relief of dry eyes.

For people with regular dry eyes, TheraLife Eye capsules are designed to help you restore your own tear functions for long sustainable dry eye relief.

Registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2000, TheraLife has proven that it works by undergoing rigorous clinical trial testing.  See our results here.

If you are suffering from dry eyes and find that artificial tears only mask the problem, try TheraLife today.  With several different and unique proprietary blends that meet the needs of all patients, TheraLife provides dry eye relief safely and naturally.  Visit TheraLife today and begin your journey to pain-free, comfortable vision.



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