4 Ways The E-Cig Can Improve Your Lifestyle


Smoking has been with the human race for the longest time, which is one of the reasons why the electronic cigarette has brewed quite a storm in the tobacco industry because of the various advantaged it has over the traditional product. It is a proven fact that the society has gone anti-smoking in the recent times, but it also true that once you are hooked, it is a hard walk towards complete non-dependence on tobacco and nicotine. This journey however has been drastically reduced by the arrival of the electronic cigarette and other quitting aids that help you get over the habit faster.

The electronic cigarette has gained prominence over other aids because it caters for all major addictions and habits that the cigarette causes – from the oral fixation, to nicotine addiction and the anxiety reduction though the placebo effect. Apart from these obvious benefits, how does smoking the electronic cigarette differ from smoking the tobacco cigarette?

  1. Your cologne stays fresh all day If you are fashion conscious, this will definitely speak to you. The world says that you should not listen to what people say about you, but as it is, you will realize listening to some of it could help you become a better person. For example, the tobacco smoker who is not very careful about his health and hygiene, which is almost all of them, will always have the odor of smoke lingering around them. This is not so with the electronic cigarette. In fact, you cannot detect any hints that the person has been smoking. All you can smell is the fragrance of their cologne. Thus, this increases your profile especially with prospective mates and enhances your self-esteem. If you value freshness and hygiene inspires confidence within you, you need to stop with the tobacco sticks and embrace electronic cigarettes.
  2. It saves you money Apart from the above advantages, it is proven that the electronic cigarette is more economical to use than smoking a pack or more of the tobacco cigarette. If this does not change your life, especially in this economy, no one will. You stand to save more than fifty dollars every day and that comes to about one thousand, five hundred dollars monthly. You therefore live healthy, you are cleaner and more importantly you are economical and stylish.
  3. Your smile enhances you Tobacco cigarettes are legendary for initiating gum diseases such as gingivitis and other oral disorders leaving you with one or both of these ailments – brown teeth and bad breath. This is because of the tar found in the cigarettes that sticks to the teeth and with time forms a layer on the teeth and eventually lead to the yellowing of your teeth. In the event the tar comes to contact with a wound in the mouth, it makes the wound worse or slows its healing. The mouth being a store of bacteria, moisture and germs, the wound can start producing a very bad smell, which might not be solved by simply brushing your teeth. The electronic cigarette on the other hand does not contain tar or any chemical that can brown your teeth and the after taste does not smell bad. You need to embrace it as an aid to stop smoking and you need to correct the oral degradation caused by tobacco cigarettes.
  4. You have a keen sense of style in the old days, the tobacco cigarette was in style, and so were the belly bottom trousers and the afro. However, as time wears out, the latter are out of fashion and the advent of the electronic cigarette has brought about a change of guard, especially in a time when style is everything. The truth of the matter is the newer the item, the better the fashion sense. However, that is not the only reason that the electronic cigarette is better than the tobacco cigarette.

It is healthier and causes no proven bodily harm. Using the atomizer and the cartridge without producing a pungent smell will see people looking at you with admiration instead of a scowl that asks you “what is wrong with you?” You do not seem selfish when you smoke the electronic cigarette because there are no passive cigarettes where it is concerned.

Jay is a health and fitness expert who was once addicted to smoking. Having beaten the cigarette, he works to educate people on the healthier alternatives such as South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes.


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