Adam S. Kutner – A person in place of God for the needy ones


Adam Kutner is a personal injury attorney practicing in Las Vegas for the past 26 years and provides help to improve the community of Las Vegas by providing advice to the injured victims thereby handling issues of personal injuries like car accidents, dog bites, pedestrian accidents and many more.

Join attorney Adam S. Kutner in  giving back is at its top by lending a helping hand to many Christian charities in Las Vegas. He always fights for the rights of accidental victims in Las Vegas . He also provides a helping hand to the upcoming future lawyers with a scholarship of $ 2500.

Adam Kutner Scholarship program is awarded annually only for those who are in genuine need of scholarship funds. The scholarship helps those on the path of becoming a professional lawyer or an attorney to accomplish their goal of becoming a successful professional. The needy students can opt for scholarship if they are pursuing a law degree with a GPA higher than 3.0. Also you need to have a covering letter that introduces yourself and your need.

Adam Kutner an experienced lawyer also creates a platform for those having potential opportunities to give back to those in need in Las Vegas under Adam Kutner Cares initiative. He has a team of experienced lawyers that ensure you maximum settlement for your injuries as fast as possible along with additional compensations which includes getting your vehicle repaired or replaced and also getting the proper consultation from the doctors.  Here the Madalay Bay shooting victims are assisted free of charge.

The advice of Mr. Kutner when you are involved  in a boat accident is very precious. He says, whenever an accident occurs, the steps which you take in that particular situation will affect everything.  Right from your safety to your legal rights to seek compensation for the damages.

Steps to follow when  you are involved  in a boat accident are:

Seek immediate medical attention – As soon as you are rescued, seek for medical examination. it is a very important step.  Even though the injury seems to be minor, it is essential that you seek advice of a medical practitioner.

Check for any dangers in and around the boat – Check for fuel and oil in the boat. Look for any leakage in the boat or any possible fire.  Everyone in the boat must have life jackets that reduce the danger of drowning.

Whenever such type of accidents occurs, try to remember the details related to the accident.  This information is useful during police investigation. Try to remember the weather details and weather conditions, so that you can sue the faulty party and put them behind the bars.

And the most important thing, seek legal representation from the attorney before contacting the respective insurance provider.

Adam Kutner has not only fought for the rights of people in Las Vegas, but has also helped people to build the community by donating his precious time and money to the worthwhile non profits in the city. He also provides help to the Home 4Spot organization and Opportunity Village too.



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