Burn More Fat with a Morning Workout


If you’re getting any exercise at all, nice job. Only about 5 percent of adults do any vigorous exercise like running, sprinting, or some form of high intensity interval training. And just 25 percent do any moderate exercise like walking, or casual cycling. If you’re trying to lose weight exercise is important to help you burn fat and unwanted calories. But when you work out may be even more important than the amount of time you spend exercising.

Why You Should Work out before Breakfast new study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that working out in the morning on an empty stomach can burn 20 percent more body fat than exercising at other times during the day.

Researchers had a group of 12 active men exercise at different times during the day and compared the fat loss results. Here’s how researchers set up this study: The first group, ran on a treadmill in the morning after waking up and before breakfast.

A second group, ate breakfast and then completed the treadmill workout. Then all participants received the same foods throughout the day. They each had a chocolate milkshake after the workout. At lunch time, they ate as much pasta as they wanted until they were full.

After collecting this information, researchers compared their calorie intake with calories burned during exercise. They guys who skipped breakfast and exercised didn’t eat as many calories. And they weren’t as hungry when lunch time rolled around, compared to the guys who ate breakfast before working out.

But that wasn’t the only finding. Researchers also discovered that the guys who exercised in the morning before eating breakfast burned 20 percent more fat than the other group. Wake Up, Exercise, Lose Weight If you’re making the effort to work out to try and lose a few pounds, you might see better results by working out in the morning. You might not be an early riser, but burning 20 percent more fat should be enough to motivate you.

Think about it. If you’re losing a pound a week based on your current workout schedule, you can boost that to 1.2 pounds a week just by working out on an empty stomach. That might not seem like much, but over a year that’s 62.4 pounds of weight loss compared to 52 pounds.

Weight Loss Also Requires Healthy Diet You can work out all you want, but if you’re overloading on high-fat and high-calorie foods, you’ll find it hard to lose weight. Healthy eating is essential for any weight loss plan. That means eating more fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, lean meats, fish, and low-fat dairy products. It also means cutting out or limiting things like pastries, cookies, desserts, and high-calorie drinks.

Many people have been successful at losing weight by combining diet and exercise with natural supplements like pure vaccinia camogie, green tea extract, and other herbal-based products. You can find these supplements at stores like GNC and Super Supplements made by companies like Natural Nutrition Labs and other reputable manufacturers.


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