Can Lip Fillers Treatment Go Wrong?


In the past decade, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. As a result of this, you can find extensive information including the huge volume of online resources and marketing material about from whom and from where to get these treatments. However, it does not mean that all this information is accurate and credible.

Due to this, the aesthetics industry offerings can be tricky and in some cases risky to navigate. One of the aesthetic treatments that have seen an immense increase in popularity is non-surgical lip fillers treatment. There is a high percentage of successful lip enhancement treatment but the online, as well as electronic media, has been showing and publishing stories about the increasing number of lip fillers treatments gone wrong.

 Although the injectable lip fillers treatment has low risks involved, an untrained practitioner can make mistakes which can ruin the treatment results leaving botched lips. A proper cosmetic injectables training is a pre-requisite to perform any of the injectable treatment in a professional manner.

Lip Fillers Treatment Go Wrong

Why lips fillers go wrong?

Like any other aesthetic treatment, lip enhancement treatment with fillers requires professional training, expertise and experience. There is no treatment that is without risks although the percentage of risk is low in case of fillers treatment. There is a high chance of complications when the treatment is performed by someone who is not qualified medically and has not received proper and professional training in cosmetic injectables. As the injectables have not been regulated by UK legislation to date, anyone can administer dermal fillers without having proper qualification and training.

As increasing number of people are seeking cheaper injectable treatments, there is a large number of untrained people who have indulged in offering unregulated and unprofessional injectable fillers treatment. This means there is a high risk of lip fillers treatment going wrong.

It is crucial for the well-being of the patient that a person performing the treatment should be a qualified healthcare professional. They uphold the duty of caring for their patients helping them to make an informed decision and protecting them from irresponsible marketing and practice.

The cosmetic training institute that has qualified trained and experienced trainers empower the trainees to safely inject and efficiently understand the facial anatomy. This makes the trainee practitioners avoid and minimize the complications that can happen while injecting through the vital facial structures. The professional trainers teach them safe and anatomy focused techniques along with treatment plan which helps them to develop high-end understanding and administer safe injectable treatments.

The injectors who do not belong to healthcare sector will not have an in-depth understanding of the facial anatomy, medications and treatments that may be required in case of any complications. For instance, if an allergic reaction occurs to the hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, drugs like Epipen and prescription steroids would be needed to prevent any serious effects. This can only be known to a qualified and medically trained practitioner. Therefore, always choose to have treatment from a healthcare professional trained in aesthetic treatments administration.



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