Did You Know That A Variety Of Things Can Be Cleaned In Washing Machines?


On laundry day, you put sheets, towels, shirts, pants, dresses and undergarments in the washer. Did you know the advanced washing machines are designed to handle more than just clothes?

Long laundry list of the amazing home mess can be handled by the useful LG appliance. You just need to push the ‘Start’ button only.


They get filthy because backpacks are left on the floor most of the time. You can put backpack in the washing machine but remember to remove the things from inside. Once the back is empty, stuff it in a laundry bag or pillow case and washing cold water on delicate cycle. Allow it to air dry in the open.

Cleaned In Washing Machines

Car mats

Cloth floor car mats are machine washable. In case, there are stains remove it first with stain remover, before putting in the washer. Use normal detergent and wash on warm temperature. Allow it to dry in the open. This needs to be done once every 3 to 4 months or else the rubber backing can deteriorate from multiple spin cycles.

Stuffed toys

Small kids drag their stuffed toys all along. Soon they get dirty and can contain germs. Place all the stuff in mesh laundry bag and put it in the washer. Avoid toys with loose parts or squeakers.

Shower curtains & liners

When the shower curtain liners look grimy put them in the washer with few towels, so it will help to scrub them clean. Apply delicate cycle and hang the wet curtain to air dry.

Rubber shower mats

At a point shower mats start looking yucky, you can run regular cycle with a couple of towels and little detergent powder.


Pillows are spongy, which soak drool, sweat and dead skin, so need regular cleaning. Many pillows are machine friendly. Add just two pillows to balance machine load and wash in warm water with little bleach and detergent. A second rinse cycle will also be needed as pillows are fluffier. On ‘air’ setting allow feather-filled pillows to dry and on ‘low heat’ setting for synthetic pillows. Repeat drying process till pillows are totally moisture-free.

Oven mitts

Oven mitts get dirty soon, so to keep these looking and smelling fresh add them to your regular towel loads in the washer and hand them for drying.

Patio chair cushion

In summer, elements can make the costly patio chair cushions dirty, so you can possibly give it a good wash. However, your Whirlpool machine needs to be large to accommodate the cushions. Regular wash cycle needs to be run with white vinegar and detergent. Line dry them in direct sunlight until they dry completely.

Mop heads

Mop heads can be sanitized after every use by placing them in mesh laundry bag in hot cycle. Hang them to drip dry.

Pet beds

Wash your furry friends bedding after every fifteen days to keep them healthy. Just vacuum the bed to remove loose hair. Take out the cover and throw the bed and cover in the washer along with natural detergent and hot water. Run extra rinse cycle and allow it to dry on high heat. Any lingering pathogens will get killed.



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