Five Natural Ways To Build Muscles


Most people have the idea that they can grow muscles only if they use steroids. However, steroids are not the only way to gain the muscle mass. It is true that many fitness models, movie stars and bodybuilders use supplements for growing their muscles. You should keep in mind that the anabolic steroids can manipulate the hormone levels.

They can also interact with the muscle cells and increases the rate of the muscle growth. However, there can be a number of negative effects. These effects include damage to the brain and a crippled production of testosterone. Given below are a few ways in which you can increase the muscle weight naturally.

Natural Ways To Build Muscles

List the weights in accordance with the resistance of the body

You should not lift the weight fast as it makes use of the momentum in your body instead of recruiting your muscles. You should not swing the weights because this can stop the isolated muscles from working. You have to do the bicep curls in a slow and controlled manner. Doing the exercises slowly is the best as they allow the isolated muscles to start working.

Executing the movement in a proper manner

It is important that you execute the movements of the body in a proper manner. If your body is not aligned properly, it is obvious that your muscle will also not work properly. There are chances of injuring the muscles if the body is not aligned.


You should give your muscles rest and ensure that even if you are doing cardio you should not be lifting weights. When your muscles are at rest, they will grow the best. If you are lifting for 3 days in a week, you will see the results yourself. Make sure that you are creating a balance for the workout sessions so that your entire body remains fit and healthy.

Feeding the muscles

It is your duty to give your body the proper nutrients before and after exercising or your muscles may not grow. Yoghurt and lean proteins are perfect for the body. SARMs from the reputed companies like Boss Peptides are also helpful for the muscles.

Do not do excessive cardio

The excessive cardio can cause the muscles to become lean and it might not allow you to gain the weight of the muscle that you are looking forward to. This is why you should not do heavy cardio exercises for more than 90 minutes.

These are the natural ways in which you can gain muscles. Make sure that you are hydrated, otherwise, the workout sessions will go a waste.



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