How to Rock Modern Bohemian Clothing and Lifestyle


Many times people who don’t understand the bohemian movement will judge the genre of individuals as hippies, gypsies, liberals, crazy and overly right-brained. Although not crazy, Bohemians do contain some of the qualities along with positive and challenging attributes. It’s important that we take a look at the features of this style of living so we can understand it better. If you want to rock the bohemian choices of life or simply just learn about it, here are some pointers you shouldn’t miss.

Clothing – It can’t be missed! Bohemian clothing is one of the very key attributes that allow followers to stand out. There is actually a lot of thought that goes into the clothing choices and designs, and the first part is the material. The clothing choices are usually made from eco-friendly materials that are better for the Earth such as hemp. Not only are they focused on the actual material, but how the clothing was made. If an article of clothing was made in a foreign sweatshop (as most clothing sold today is), they will look the other way or avoid a store altogether when shopping.

Properly layered outfits are also vital. One of the main approaches to Bohemian clothing is to find colors that blend well together and choices that flow with one’s body frame. A misconception that many people see in the trend is that people that layer their outfits so much that they look poufy. The Bohemian lifestyle is about being a free spirit, and to do that, one must be in clothing that flows naturally with them. Some layers, such as jackets, are a necessity to keep warm and should be layered as one would normally.

Another facet of the look focuses on the range of colors. While traditional hippie dresses or hippie clothing are filled with bright colors and busy designs, modern Bohemian styles are more natural and earthy. Many of the outfits are black, khaki, olive green, and shades of brown. This isn’t as limiting as one might think, however, because several vibrant colors, such as deep reds and purples, go along very well with these basic ones. As long as one sticks to three or four colors in the outfit, they won’t look overbearing.

The biggest advantage of the Bohemian trend is that it is easy to find something that fits an individual’s personality. Much like the beliefs of the hippies of the 1960s, the bohemian movement is all about free expression. You don’t necessarily have to wear what is in style, but the latest chic fashions are usually incorporated into the boo look. Outfit designs are many times influenced from different cultures around the world as well. Part of the Bohemian look is to have a touch of uniqueness that feels exotic. Importing different accessories from around the world is a great way to encourage world trade and peace. This can be done with subtle African print tops or by adding a gorgeous shawl from South America. It’s all about being free and having fun.

Accessorizing a Bohemian Outfit Hemp bracelets and necklaces were the biggest trend in previous years. While the material is eco-friendly, the trend has expanded to most accessories. Hemp purses and backpacks are strong and sturdy and the material can even be dyed to match attire, so one isn’t limited to the khaki color of most hemp accessories.

Many fashionistas who enjoy the trend have incorporated several different designs into the Bohemian look. Large ankle bracelets, layers of thin necklaces and oversize beaded earrings are just some of the newest additions. Handcrafting pieces to fit the lifestyle is common, and many of the women who live the bohemian lifestyle take up jewelry making. Vintage pieces also are great additions to the look as they are inspired from the 1960s and 1970s as well as floral prints, distressed leather and lace.

The Bohemian Home Someone who is true to the bohemian lifestyle isn’t solely focused on fashion and where to wear their chic new outfits. The lifestyle quickly spills into all areas of life. For instance, since a big part of the lifestyle is focused on the individual, nutrition is a key aspect of happiness. Whole and natural foods are can be easily incorporated into the bohemian diet through shopping at farmer’s markets is one of the most common steps to enhance this. Most of the time, local, specialized markets are full of healthy choices that are free from chemicals and pesticides enhanced by Monsanto (a company most Bohemians avidly protest against).

Around the home, a bohemian would have things that truly mean something to them. If an item doesn’t have a use or a purpose, then it usually isn’t kept.  The Bohemian lifestyle is about being warm and welcoming, and when this is incorporated into a home design it becomes very cozy. Even if your key interest is music, posters can be placed around the room carefully so they are not overbearing or make the walls look too busy. Homemade quilts and indoor plants are a great way to liven up any room and can make quite an impression on guests.

On the flip side, however, many Bohemians who are truly dedicated to the lifestyle focus on having low overhead, few items and a very simplistic, debt-free lifestyle. This gives them the ability to be able to have the freedom to move, travel, or do whatever they please, when and how they want to do it. With that said, you will oftentimes see a lot of Bohemians that travel for long periods of time and without itineraries. Historically, this was to be able to create art, music, and/or write.

The Bohemian Attitude at the end of the day, modern bohemians strive for one thing, to be free of the conventional ways of the world and to be themselves fully. The key is to live for your own desires. Listen to the music you like. If that means you enjoy the Grateful Dead or you enjoy Frank Sinatra, then listen to them. Read the books you like. Watch the movies that you like.

Teach yourself about other lifestyles, points of view and challenge the beliefs of others and yourself. Politics, parents and trend setters must be questioned rationally to make sure the true motives behind every decision are authentic. By adopting the bohemian lifestyle, you should understand that those who do not understand the lifestyle will not accept it, but by standing firm in knowing that you are who you are, you can be a very successful Bohemian!


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