Learn More About Mobility Device Rentals


While more than one out of two Canadians over the age of 65 has mobility problems, the inability to get around impedes the freedom of Canadians of all ages. What is even more unfortunate is that many of them can’t afford to purchase the mobility products they need. The good news is that there are home medical equipment suppliers who rent mobility products to individuals in these predicaments.

With about 15 percent of adults in Canada needing help getting around, this lack of mobility restricts their ability to go out to work. This often leaves them depressed and living near the poverty line. There are a number of programs designed to get people the mobility products they need at a price they can afford. If you or your loved one needs help getting around but cannot afford to buy the mobility products you need, the internet is a great place to research information about low-cost mobility rental programs.

There are a wide variety of mobility devices available for those in need of extra support to get around. These products include braces, electric mobility scooters, home hospital beds, medical lift chairs and more. There are also a range of cushions and bathroom safety products to help make home life more comfortable.

Improving the quality of life mobility-challenged individuals through the use of mobility products is the goal of companies like Vital Mobility. They offer the best prices in the industry on the sale and rental of new and pre-owned equipment. They also have programs to help almost anyone get the mobility products they need. As individuals age, large percentages of Canadians develop mobility problems, while only about 3% of Canadian children have mobility issues. That number skyrockets to over 50% by the time they get to age 65. But Vital Mobility and their innovative rental program can help.

Loss of mobility can be caused by a myriad of ailments and illnesses. No matter what the reason you or your loved is among the millions of Canadians with mobility issues, there is a chance to get the best prices on mobility products on the market today. Rental programs allow you to rent a wheelchair, medical lift chair, walker and more at amazingly affordable rates. Contact Vital Mobility Medical Supplies Inc. to ask about their product rentals, including the popular medical lift chair rental, and see what they can do to get you up and moving.


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