Smudging Guide- Everything You Need To Know About Clearing Your Space


Smudging is the art of spiritual cleansing using smoke from secret herbs. Smudging can be done on a person, a building, a place, or an object. A bundle of burnt herbs as incense is called a smudge. A palo santo smudge is actually very popular in Mexico and South America because the tree is believed to be among the best remedies for negative vibes.

Reasons for Smudging

Smudging is done in order to remove bad energy as well as negativity and bring feelings of clarity and peace into a space. Sometimes you can tell when a place just doesn’t feel right, and smudging is the number one remedy used to get rid of that feeling. This involves a basic ritual, it is usually very effective. With the use of aromatic plants, you can improve the psychic aura. If you want to set up a sacred place, you can start with smudging it.

Smudging Guide

What’s Needed For Smudging?

What you need for the smudging ritual are the natural herbs you’re using such as Palo Santo and a source of fire such as a lighter or matches. Other than that an open heart and a clear mind could also help. You can use other accessories such as abalone shells that will catch the ashes from the smudging, and you can also use smudge pot made of ceramic or stone, and they are used to hold the burning smudges.

The pots are very useful if you are burning individual leaves or lose herbs. A wooden stand can be helpful because it will hold your smudge pot, and it will prevent your alter or tabletop surface from heat. Incensed charcoal can also be useful when burning loose leaves or herbal smudges. Smudging feathers are good for directing the smoke in the direction you want and smudging prayers and posters have written words for directing the smudging ritual.

Common Smudging Herbs

Technically, you can use any fragrant smoke to smudge, but there are certain plants that people who smudge use because they cause a certain vibration. Some of this herbs include white sage, sweetgrass, palo santo and juniper.

When to Smudge

  • When moving into a new place
  • When there is a psychic disturbance
  • When making an important positive change
  • When you need to if you do it regularly

Final say

Some people believe that’s smudge sticks should not be blown, and it can be superstitious or because it could cause sparks to fly. Some people are sensitive to smoke and you can use herbs such as Palo santo or sweet grass that don’t have such smoke. Do not pour water on your smudge sticks, instead use sand to put them out when the ritual is over. Smudging is more common in South America, but this does not mean that other parts of the world should not do it. However, this has a lot to do with beliefs, and if you feels that smudging can get rid of negativity, then by all means, buy some herbs and get on with it.



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