Taking advantage of technology to treat ailments


Technology is a wonderful thing, and when you consider the huge advances made in medicine and health care over the years thanks to innovative techniques, then you have many opportunities to improve your own health-related problems.

Hearing loss Perhaps one of the most fundamental losses of a sense is hearing, though the ability to see well would also be up there. However, perhaps hearing has a special quality because the ability to hear people – your loved ones as well as people in day-to-day activities –is an essential part of who you are.

Hearing problems can be caused by a number of factors, and often these can be addressed by medicines or surgical and non-surgical options. A child’s ear infection, for example, could be cleared up by antibiotics or it could just go away by itself. Tinnitus, the roaring sound in the ears, can be more difficult, but there are strategies to help, including medicines, devices to mask sound, and hearing aids.

Hearing aids are crucial if you are experiencing even mild hearing loss. They can adjust, and be adjusted in the future, to exactly how your hearing is affected in one or both ears. You should be tested by an experienced and trustworthy company, such as Miracle-Ear, to make sure you get the support and aids you need. Everyone is different, so the personal approach to each individual’s hearing loss is very important.

The change in the quality of your life when you can hear properly again can be outstanding. No more having to ask people to speak up, finding it hard to hear questions from students in a lecture theater or classroom, or turning up the sound on the TV or radio, which can be difficult for others to cope with.

High blood pressure If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure – and you’ll know that’s a potentially dangerous condition if you don’t deal with it – you could keep a close eye on how you are doing with a home blood monitor. They’re simple to use and will give you all the instructions you need to make sure your blood pressure levels are where you need them to be.

Snoring is boring Well; it is for those suffering from a snorer during the night! It’s a tricky – and sensitive – area, but there are things you can do to help. You could use nasal dilators and strips to stop the collapse of the nostrils and allow more air into the nasal passages, or look to medications that might help with allergies and postnasal drip, which could be a contributory factor to snoring.

Possibly pregnant? Get a hi-tech test Pregnancy testing has been around for a good while, but now you can tell, as far as is possible, how many weeks pregnant you are. It can help you with your future planning as well as getting you to the doctor as soon as you can.

Tech and treatment, it’s always worth looking at the options you have for treating ailments using technology. You can do so much yourself now, and then, when you need to go to your doctor, you will have a good idea about what to discuss.


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