You are What You Eat – But Not Always


The saying “You are what you eat” is a great way to understand that eating the better foods will give you a better body, but it nobody should ever interpret that as meaning “eat more sugar and you will be very sweet” because it will eventually make you look anything but sweet. This infographic perfectly demonstrates the bad side of sugar by telling you what sugar does to your body.

Addictive The things we like most are rarely good for us and that’s never truer than when spoken about sugar. The feel-good chemicals, Dopamine and Serotonin are very similar to the effects of some of the most addictive drugs we know. You may not associate a ‘high’ with sugar, but nevertheless, the effects are there and the simpler (unrefined) sugar you eat, the more addicted you become.

Blood Sugar and Skin If you knew that your skin would age faster every time you ate something naughty, would you still east it? If you answered yes, then see the paragraph on addiction. Nobody wants to age quickly, but that’s exactly what the process called glycation does for the skin. Glycation occurs when sugar in the blood attaches itself to collagen and that’s what makes your skin lose elasticity. Stretchy skin sound okay? Think again because lack of elasticity is a cause of wrinkles.

Stay Beautiful Avoid refined sugars as much as possible, but also avoid or limit starchy carbohydrates because these have a high glycemic index. This means that your body can quickly convert the carbohydrate to sugar. Sugar and starch are two components of everyday foods that damage your collagen and elastin, which are proteins necessary for silky smooth skin.

Low Fat is NOT a Healthy Option It’s important to understand that many companies will advertise low fat products as healthy options, but all they do is replace the fat content with sugar and salt to add taste. I hope that by now you know that sugar is especially bad for your skin, but you should also know that it effects your health in many more ways.

 You should also check your healthy options such as cereal and milk because they both contain lots of sugars, although there are low sugar options and alternatives out there. If you really want to have good skin and better health, you need to know what you are eating and arrange your diet with your head rather than your eyes or your taste buds. If you want to know other ways to improve your complexion, check out Dr. Jeremy Hunt’s website for more information.


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